Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ya never know when you're gonna get company... One of the girls in my Tuesday group said she caught a possum in her chicken house. It was in a Have a Heart trap and she was not sure what to do with it. She is kind of new to our group, so she had no idea who was sitting across the table from her! I had her meet me in 20 minutes in the parking lot of a building supply, we transferred the baby from her trap to my cage, and I brought little Sweet Pea home. No, I don't know if it is a boy or girl, I did not look. Poor baby was too traumatized as it was, and was trying to look as ferocious as possible. Bless its heart. He (or she) is currently in residence back in my woods. Having 4 acres is a blessing... lots of room to hide a baby possum... Sweet Pea is old enough to be living on his own, but did come back to have a snack of cat food and strawberries. For size comparison, that little blue dish contains cat food and strawberries. The water dish was just outside the cage... the shoe box was a quick shelter to hide from BIG PEOPLE eyes! Talk about scary!


Grenville T. Boyd said...

Glad that Sweet Pea is now frolicking in your woods. Guess you will now have another lil mouth to feed. How are the cats taking to a new critter?????

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad Sweet Pea found a new home. Maybe he/she will make friends with the racoons?

Cheyenne said...

They're cute when they're small. I don't like them so much when they get bigger and come around and eat all the food I put out for my outside cats.