Saturday, May 15, 2010


If you ever plant digitalis (foxglove,) you have digitalis for life, it seems. It seems to reseed itself in the strangest places. I am always amazed when I see the little leaves come up somewhere in the yard or garden. Mine get quite tall, most as high as 4 feet, some taller. Again, it is a plant that people stop and ask me about. I thought it was a rather common flower, but maybe it is because mine are so tall. Even one of the local garden center people stopped one day and asked me to save him some seed. The colors range from almost pure white to a nice deep pink.
The new peonies are starting to bloom. Have you priced them at garden centers? These came from Sam’s Club. I took a chance and several of them made it. I have some new ones from this year that are slowly coming along. Maybe they will bloom next year. I also bought some pink iris last year. I carefully labeled them – this one is labeled pink iris! Surprise! Pink, not! But it is interesting! What a surprise! One can’t always believe what is on the package label! I was really pleased that the new rhododendron bloomed this year. It looks good with the pink iris and the digitalis. My old fashioned roses are awesome this year - and SO fragrant! See the little flying squirrel house? We have babies! But it is impossible to get pictures. I hope you have enjoyed my garden. If you are in the neighborhood, give me a call, come sit in the Adirondacks and have a glass of tea!


Dusty said...

Photos are lovely, especially the irises. Glad we have some of the digitalis in our garden this year and nice to know it will propagate. Thanks for all the info.

Ginnie said...

Your place looks like heaven. It is such a change from when the "coons" overran it. You must work at it daily.