Sunday, March 27, 2011


I HAVE PROBABLY POSTED THIS TITLE BEFORE –DSC_0979 because it always snows on the daffodils, and  that makes for some fun pictures. In PA where I went to college, this is called the Onion snow, because onions sets are usually in the ground by now. These are my onions, I put them in last week. 

But, here in VA, when it snows in the end of March, it snows on much more than the onions, or daffodils, but the good thing is, the snow does not hang around. Often it barely covers the ground. So, I have learned to grab the camera early because sometimes the snow is gone by the time I hit ‘publish.’ So, I will share a bit of last snow beauty. DSC_0980DSC_0977DSC_0982 DSC_0984 

It is the time when many of the camellias are in bloom. Pink Perfection DSC_0985DSC_0986is probably my absolute favorite and I don’t remember seeing it in the snow before.

Red Emperor…DSC_0990 Pink Precious… DSC_0978One of my own hybrids…    DSC_0988 

White on white (this is a 12 footer)… DSC_0987 Snow on the forsythia…DSC_0981 See the peonies coming up?DSC_0993 Pansies…DSC_0976

Know what this is? Snow on the PussyWillow, up about 15 feet.DSC_0995 The Redbud is starting to bloom, these will be flowers next week.DSC_0983 And I love the pattern of snow on these branches.DSC_0991

When we flew our first flights over Libya, I bought a new Peace Rose bush as my prayer for Peace. I hope it does not fall on deaf ears.DSC_0994 DSC_0992

The snow filled Buddha’s lap as he sat out back and reminded me to think thoughts of love and compassion, and it fell on St Francis as he watched over Spook taking a drink from the slightly slushy birdbath.DSC_0998

May thoughts of Peace and Compassion fill your heart this spring day. (Guess what? It is all melted – just that fast.)


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Ah, but the snow was as beautiful while it was thankfully short-lived. Your flowers looked lovely (but cold) as were ours.

Sissy said...

Never thought I'd say "I love snow" ever again but "I love the snow on your blooms. Just magical pretties. Your Snoop has unique coloring pattern on his face. I never knew camellias came in so many different colors either. They are gorgeous.

Loretta said...

All I can say is...Beautiful! We got rain and hail but no snow.

Ginnie said...

The snow on your pink camellia is breath-taking. Today, (Monday) we actually had frost and I really hate what that might do to all the spring growth. I have my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Best part about our snow is it's melted before i get out to clear it. Well sometimes not, if i'm really really fast :-)

Cheyenne said...

Lovely photos. We had snow but it was gone by the time I was up and about. I do hope we have seen the last of that white stuff.