Saturday, March 19, 2011


AND THE YARD WORK STARTS IN ERNEST. They tell me spring is here. DSC_0963Well the daffodils are blooming, that is a serious clue. The buds are popping on the trees, and the birds are getting scrappy as breeding/nesting time draws near.  The forsythia is in full glory, the camellias are a sight to behold. Onion sets are already sold out in one local store. I had to drive 40 miles to get some Vidalia onion sets. My peas are ready to go in the ground. It was a temptation to put them in as it was 78 degrees on Friday. However, the morning temp is supposed to be 28 by next Friday, so I guess I will hold out for another week or so.

But, the blueberry bushes have been moved. They got little sun in their old space as the pine trees grew.They were only about a foot tall when the bushes were first planted. But first, this azalea had to be moved – it went in a hole left by a blueberry bush.DSC_0961  The fence was taken down, rolled up, the net removed, and the posts pulled up. I did have help moving a couple plants and then putting the posts in the ground. Fortunately I had my own shatters (Eastern Shore for pine straw) to put around the bushes for weed control.DSC_0960 This is the old Blueberry garden with the netting covered in snow. Honest!DSCN1327 Isn’t that amazing? The center pole kept it from collapsing.  

Have you ever seen a Pussy Willow this tall? The tree stump on the left is 4 feet tall. DSC_0970

I love to see the daffodils turn into glowing spots of beauty in the early morning sunlight.DSC_0966

Because of the unusually cold winter, the camellias are blooming out of sync. Red Emperor is blooming early, this hybrid is blooming late. All around the edge of the woods, there are bushes filled with huge blooms.DSC_0965   DSC_0962DSC_0959

Aunt Alice is pretty much on schedule. It is one of my favorites. DSC_0968

A friend gave me a present – a reddish violet. No not a house plant or African violet, this is supposed to grow just like the others that grow like weeds in the yard. She has a huge patch of them. DSC_0953 DSC_0954

And, Ginnie, this shot is for you. DSC_0972


ancient one said...

Ginnie's shot was very interesting... and the others were simply beautiful... yes, I think spring is here...

Sissy said...

Can I come stroll awhile? The flowers are just delightful. Some day I'll have a camellia. I will!

The violet bloom is a surprise. I have white and blue everywhere. I think there are no such plants as 'weeds', just those waiting to be discovered for their reason for being here.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You have been busy, Possum, as you always are and your yard is certainly a great springtime retreat - great any season too. The African violet is a beauty and such a nice gift.

troutbirder said...

Mmmm. Very nice. I'm thinking thats a forsythis in the background on the first pic. I've tried to grow them here but its too cold and they freeze dont to the grounds.... no blooms then.:(

Ginnie said...

Hi Possum...I can't believe that I am so far behind on checking your blog... and wouldn't you know it would be the time you post a photo just for me!! I'm honored and may surprise you someday and start "drumming".
It looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you but it is all lovely.