Sunday, March 27, 2011


After waiting 15 minutes for your blog to let me leave a comment – it still said to wait… so I gave up. Sorry about that… don’t know whats up.


ancient one said...

Thanks for coming by to comment on my photo hunt... If you remember those are the pictures from an old blog post.. the one where we caught the possum who had eaten the 40 guinea eggs that were in the nest next to the front steps.. that could have been the first time you commented on my blog and gave me the history lesson on possums.. If you remember, that mama possum was due for the firing squad, but when my husband saw the babies, he put water and food in the cage and called a lady we know you keeps possums and releases them back into the woods. She lives far from us so we hoped she wouldn't find her way back to us...LOL

Kathie said...

Hey Possum, I was sorry to read about the problem you had with commenting. I have had quite a few comments and answered and the most trouble anyone had was they had to sign in and they all said they didn't find that any harder than when people have word verification. Please try again and if you don't have any luck email me at krbass at roadrunner dot com the kathleenbass300 on my blog I don't use. Hugs!