Friday, April 22, 2011


GOT ALLERGIES? The pollen is so thick you can make a path thru it walking down the sidewalk. It does not photograph well, but I thought I would share these shots of the old van. This is one day’s worth of tree pollen.DSC_1014 DSC_1015 That van is actually teal.

Today the weather has turned cold – well, OK, not really cold, but after a day in the 80s and several in the 70s – um, it is 51 as I type this in the middle of the afternoon. I had dismantled the boys’ warm bed for the summer – got that back out and they gratefully climbed in to toast their little toes. I dare you to use the word spoiled.DSC_0927

Sorry I have not been around much lately, but there is so much to do this time of year – and some of my civic duties are taking up tons of time. I am really tired this time of year, with all the work I have to do, in the house, in the yard, and on the computer. Then there is the issue of breathing all this pollen!

Last night I was exhausted and decided I would go to bed early. Thought I would watch the Big Bang Theory and hit the sack. (Yep, I confess to watching that show, and having a good laugh.) However, some kids from town apparently have gotten hold of some fireworks and have been shooting them off in the field at dusk next to my property. My place, as you have seen, is surrounded by woods… Well, last night they managed to set the woods on fire. My neighbor called the Town cop on duty (they have an emergency number) but apparently he did not have the phone with him and he never did answer the message. Had he responded, it might have prevented 2 fire companies from coming out here and having to put the fire out. No one came out from the sheriff’s department, either. Thank god it was not windy or I might not be sitting here typing these words. So, instead of getting to bed early, I was standing out in the middle of the road talking to the firemen and the kids who claimed it was started by some strange boys in black hoodies that they had never seen before who disappeared into the woods. Right. Yet these were the kids I saw running from the fire, no one else.

The azaleas are so beautiful, even with a dusting of pine pollen. What an amazing time of year. buddha-2DSCN1374 DSCN1412 DSCN0086 SF Pita DSCN2091 DSCN1373

Next, irises!


ancient one said...

Everything is beautiful... even under the yellow dust... Glad the wind didn't pick up ... Fire is not fun!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lovely flower posts, not so the pollen, but sadly a fact of living here this time of year. Glad the kitties are keeping warm - spoiled who! Thankfully the fire was under control and hopefully the ones responsible will nto try those follish antics again - at least not in the same woods.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You have such lovely flowers. We are still waiting for the last of the snow to disappear. Needless to say, we have no pollen flying about.

If we had a fire started here we are just as likely to have a water bomber fly over and drop water on it.

Ginnie said...

Fire is such a scary thing. Just a quick change of the wind can set things off. Glad you're OK.
Our pollen doesn't seem as bad as it has in the past. Sorry for yours.
Loved the pictures.