Thursday, March 01, 2012


WELL FOLKS, the garden is started. The peas ( first planting) are in the ground and their climbing strings are up. Most of the onions are in the ground... got a few left, but ran out of space. So I will figure out another place next week. I wanted to buy some new potting soil, but it was raining so hard yesterday, I gave up on that idea. We got an inch and a half. Like most garden centers, even WalMart, the potting soil is kept outside. If it rains, that entire area is getting wet. Seems rather stupid to me. It's during a good rain that folks want to go shopping, but all the tools, bags of soil, fertilizers, etc are out in the rain. dumb. Good thing the cat food is under the roof! LOL! The daffodils are beautiful, the forsythia has started to open. Today was not only a T-shirt day, it was a sleeveless T-shirt day! Temps in the 70s again. The house smells so nice with fresh air from open windows and vases of daffodils. The feeders are filled as the little guys are arriving here in droves on their way north. And I can barely walk. sigh. The carport is clean... as my little neighbor would say, I "blow dried" it. Potting bench is cleaned off and ready for use. Garden tools are cleaned and ready to go. John (Deere) is gassed up. Covers are off the Adirondacks. Watch and see it snow!
OK, heading to the recliner and I am not moving for a while.


Carolyn said...

Gosh, you have been really busy. I admire you. A real flock of birds there on the feeders. Rain came here last night in literal waves. A bit worried about my abode but I don't think there was any wind. My two gallon bucket is almost full! Today was gorgeous even if chilly. The puppers were in high spirits, Charly and Lucy chased each other in high glee. Now they too are collapse in their 'recliner'. Ah, springtime is a joyous season.

troutbirder said...

Although weather here in northland is unusually mild, I still figure your beautiful spring flowers are at least six weeks away. Patience, he says to himself.... :)

Ginnie said...

Wow. Where do you get the energy, Jan? I wonder if we'll get any snow this winter. I have daffodils up too but that's about it.