Monday, March 05, 2012


THE RECENT STORMS that have done so much damage to so many people have once again blessedly missed us. But, last night we did have a little excitement, a frozen precip event that lasted about an hour. I was told there was some thunder with it, but we were watching Northern Exposure, so I missed that. The snow/ice piled up on a few surfaces and is still on the roof tops. You can see the size of the ice crystals best on the adirondack. Snow/ice and a camellia... We are now waiting for a little snow storm. Yep, that is what the radio is saying, I can see it on the radar... but back in the 60s by Wednesday. But, for now, the boys are tucked in their heated box toasting their toes and cat-napping, as usual. The heat is on in the greenhouse... Hmmmm, I just saw something white pass by the window. Oh, my. I hope you all are warm and safe.
Pray for those poor folks who were not so lucky and lost their homes to all those tornadoes.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I guess you are lucky it was not hail. We had thunder during the beginning of our recent snowfall ( a record for Sudbury). There may have been lightening with it also.
I believe this was part of the same weather system you had.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for showing some of the snow event back home, Possum. There was nothing in NJ, not even any rain on Monday which I suppose is a good thing or I might have had to do some shovelling at my mom's house.

troutbirder said...

Catching up on a fun series of posts. I'm doing the eagle watching thing on the Decorah, Iowa webcam. Of course, we have our own Trout Farm eagle about 5 blocks away but I can't peer into their nest. Also had to chuckle at your comment about the genetically "improved" fruits and veggies that taste like cardboard, which reminded me I have to start thinking about my own garden.

Ginnie said...

We missed that but it was on our news. Were you watching a tape of Northern Exposure or is that show back? That was one TV show that I loved and would love to see it return.