Saturday, March 17, 2012


WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES! This was taken this time last year... remember what a cold winter we had last year? Record snow fall for the Eastern Shore. Froze our butts off! This year, I am grateful to say, winter passed us by! I know my friends in Vermont are saying the same thing, as some of them spent the winter in tipis while rebuilding their homes, bridges, barns, and shops. Even they have had very little snow and quite mild temps. Our mild temps hit an extreme this past week. It was 83 here on Thursday. Tank top weather! Red Emperor is in full bloom. This bush is over 10 feet tall and has a diameter of 8 feet. It is so loaded with blooms this year. Isn't it beautiful? The daisies have put out their leaves, but they won't bloom until Oct... But the azaleas will bloom soon.Punk could be found sleeping in the morning sun... by afternoon, he was in a shady spot under a bush. Pink Perfection blooms this time of year. Last year we had snow on the camellias, this year the only white on the ground IS the camellias! (or daffodils, or pansies...). I actually cut some grass (and a lot of weeds) this past week. The forsythia is in bloom as are the fruit trees. The peas are up and I have onions up about an inch! How has your winter been?


Rachel said...

What winter? It passed us by too, unless we still get some! It's not too late yet! Things are blooming here as well and it's right at 77 degrees now with scattered thunderstorms. I have mowed the lawn once.

Your Pink Perfection is amazing!! What a lovely flower!!!

Loretta said...

Winter missed us here in Arkansas too. We've had several hot days lately...even beat a high record of 82 that had stood since 1938. I love all your flowers!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What winter?