Tuesday, May 01, 2012


THE YARD, ONE WEEK LATER, has more stuff open, some things finished. One super cool thing is my Fringe Tree, Chionanthus virginicus, surprisingly a member of the Oleaceae (Olive Family). It has a lot of nick-names, so I have been told, most common is Old Man's Beard and Honeysuckle tree. I like it not only for its unusual beauty, but because it is so fragrant... sort of like a cross between the honey suckle and a jasmine, but not as heavy as wisteria. My favorite Irises are blooming, loads of them left to bloom, and the azaleas with the bigger flowers, the ones that will bloom again in the fall. I might mention, these colors are NOT inhanced. Honest! I mean, what's the point? As you can see, the camellias are still in bloom. Maybe you can get a sense of the size of things in this shot. Grandpop's peonies are open. The red ones will open next week. As you can see, the Boys are enjoying the garden, too. Spook has taken to napping next to the zucchini and eggplants. Punkin is enjoying the empty trays!
I have been mega busy this past week, and the coming weeks look even worse! So, I try to visit you when I have a moment, but don't always have a chance to comment. I hope you have enjoyed visiting my gardens and yard. Wish you could stop by and have a cup of tea with me in the adirondacks! See them back there behind the azaleas?


ancient one said...

Not sure about the fringe tree but I am just amazed at how good everything is growing this year. Everything in your post is beautiful and I know you haven't enhanced the colors. Beautiful, beautiful!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your yard is amazing in bloom and yes I also know that al the colors are natural, nothing beats Mother Nature that's for sure...not even Kodak!