Monday, November 19, 2012

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER – Building update

OK, SHAME ON ME - BUT, I have been soooo very busy, you just would not believe. The guys have done some amazing work down at the station... so I will catch you up on that, quickly... then do another post on what we are really all about - besides saving this building.

First - the building's progress report. I will spare you pictures of packing insulation into the walls and ceiling... and go right to some major repair work. Several storms ago - the one where they thought we might get an inch or so and we ended up with 9 inches of rain, we got to see how badly some of the old boards had been damaged over time. After all, these boards were put in place 127 years ago, and some of them have split here, cracked there... holes had been drilled to put in electricity (what an invention!) and then even a telephone line (who'd a thunk it?) and, well, the rain came in through these cracks and holes. So, we finally got around to removing the old boards and putting up new ones. Here is the strange thing... I can barely lift ONE of the old 1x12's. OK, they are 16 feet long, but still... I can pick up 3 of the NEW 1x12 x 16'. What does that tell you about the stuff that lasted for 127 years? And does that make you wonder how long the new stuff will last? DSC_2015

Another great invention – we rented a “man-lift” and used it to replace the old wood, and do as much painting as we had time for in 2 days.DSC_2018  So the building is partly painted... some battens still have to be replaced, but we wanted to get as much done as we could before the Santa Train came this year.


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ancient one said...

Looks like alot of work... but it will be worth it to restore this old building...