Saturday, November 24, 2012


AS THE FALL SEASON COMES TO AN END, the camellias are just getting into full bloom. Some grow up – these are about 12 feet tall, DSC_2053DSC_2056This is Yule Tide, 10 feet tall, 12 feet across.DSC_2060 And this pink one grows outward, again about 12 feet across.DSC_2062DSC_2057  The azaleas are winding down,DSC_2049 and the leaves are piling up on the ground. If you keep an eye out, you can see an occasional magic moment when the color is just right as it lasts for only a day. DSC_2051This (blue) hosta went thru a day of serious beauty… today it looks terrible! Who’d believe these leaves were once blue?     The Peace roses are singing their last song – imagine fresh roses for Thanksgiving!DSC_2052 And the bushes are full of berries! Today it turned cold – no problem for the berries or the camellias unless we have a serious freeze. They don’t even mind a little snow on them – but I hope it will be a long while before we see any of that!  


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judie said...

Oh my gosh, these are all so beautiful!!! Wish I had them in my yard.