Friday, August 11, 2006


When I started this Blog - I promised myself to be "kid" friendly, non-controversial, not to get into politics or religion, and I have done pretty well, for me - well, maybe except for the piece on Beirut. But I think I have become overwhelmed with all the killing and desire for killing and causing hurt around the world - not just by THEM, oh, no...

Anyway, my thoughts went back to what I had been taught about the God of my childhood because I was reminded just this morning (on the radio) about how God loves us... Remember hearing that God is Love?

So I thought...

If god is love,
then the godly must be loving.
So who does that make those who kill
or want to kill
or hurt
or maim
or want to see others killed,
hurt or tortured?
Who does that make those who lie to gain the power to kill
or torture
or destroy?

If you are “God fearing…”
Are you afraid of love,
and being kind?

Someone has lied to us somewhere........
Who was it?

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