Wednesday, October 25, 2006



Spook has moved in. Good thing, too, with the wind chill factor down in the 30s. We have been having some serious wind - gusts in the 40 mph range, sustained in the 25 mph range. The cats hate it. So... Spook has tucked himself into the nest by the steps. It is his favorite sleeping place when he needs to be warm.

Yule Tide has started to bloom. Can you see the bloom way up in the tree branches? That bloom is about 8 feet up. Soon the bush will be loaded.

The rose bush is trying for one last bloom. I have noticed the Peace rose has no pink on it when it blooms in the fall. Does yours? It looks nice with the the fall azalea next to it.

And the Dogwood just gets better and better down here at Possum Lane.

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hiphoppe said...

You do take the nicest pictures. I enjoyed them all---but next to Spook that rose is beautiful.