Monday, October 30, 2006



My little visitor was here again the other day. She wanted to know where the ‘pidys go when it rains. So we went over to where the spider web used to be. The storm had no doubt torn it apart. We had had winds a bit over 40 mph and 2 ½ inches of rain. Grandmother Spider was tucked up under the leaves. She had kept herself dry and out of the wind. One day, one of the cold mornings, she had spun her web around the leaves drawing them close together and kept herself warm. Smart girl. Her webs are smaller now. But I check on her each day. FYI – her correct name is Marbled Orb Weaver or Araneus Marmoreus. Personally, I like Miz Pidey best. Apparently each time her mom drives by, Selena yells “WooHoo, Miz Pidey!” and begs to stop to check on how Miz Pidey is doing.

The leaves are falling. Some of them are turning to pretty yellows. Many of them aren’t getting a chance with the high winds. They are being ripped from the trees green. There are a few reds every now and again.

It has been rainy. The grass is growing! Sigh. Another job to be taken care of this week.

It is time to put in the winter pansies. Well, this is early for me. I know they will get buried under the leaves, but I will dig them out. Maybe, just maybe they will get bigger and stronger before the cold weather hits them. And if it is not a real bad winter – they will still be blooming in the spring. I thought this pansy was especially beautiful. The ground was really wet, so I did not spend a lot of time photographing pansies!

More pansies later!

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possum said...

How interesting... I loaded this post yesterday and it gave me an error message - said it could not be published and poof it disappeared. It was not there this morning. So, I redid the page and threw in the bird feeder with its crop of grass. When I published that, all was well. Then, both posts came up. I am confused!!!!!!