Saturday, October 14, 2006


A ‘Pidey Web!

I had company yesterday – brief – as company goes. She ran around the yard going “Ooooo and Ahhh” at every flower. Then she saw the ‘pidey web.

“Ohhhhhh, wook!” she yelled in her baby voice.

“Wook at the ee-norse (enormous) Pidey web! And her beautiful wearing a lullow an bwack shirt!”

And then she was back in the car and gone before I had a chance to get the camera. But I did get the camera after my friend and her bundle of energy left – and took these pictures of her Pidey web, and the 'pidey.

Later that night, I went back out just to see what Mrs. Pidey was up to. There she was, waiting for company, no doubt – a midnight snack, perhaps.

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hiphoppe said...

Now I know what you do at night!!!!Mrs. Pidey was colorful and very busy.