Friday, December 08, 2006


The December wind...

Well, there was no frost today, but there was plenty of wind. We had sustained winds at around 25 to 30 with gusts in the 40mph range. With the temps in the 20s, that made for a chilly morning!

That meant the birds stayed away from the feeders. Well, the feeders were swinging so hard I don’t see how anybody would have been able to get a bite anyway!

Of course, some of the windows were so covered with condensation, the cats could not see out even if the birds had been there.

That meant there was nothing to do but sleep.

Hadji is a light sleeper so he had to see why his mommy was walking around HIS bedroom and disturbing him.

Snuff, however, sleeps thru everything. Unless you want him to….

The jays did not even come to get their morning ration of peanuts.

St Francis has a frozen birdbath. That is the first solid freezing this year.

Debutante, so beautiful yesterday, has dropped her bruised flowers to the ground. But see the buds? Just give her a chance, some sunshine, and uh, would you mind losing that wind?

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