Saturday, December 23, 2006


a poem, of sorts, with apologies to lots of folks.

A Christmas Poem, sort of…

T’was the day before Christmas
And all thru the house,
Few creatures were stirring,
Just Rascal and Mouse.

The stockings were hung
Though no chimney was there
In hopes that St Nicholas
Or someone would care.

The kitties were snuggled
Asleep in their beds
While visions of tuna fish
Danced in their heads.

When out on the lawn
There arose such a clatter
We all jumped to see
Now what was the matter?

A coon or a possum?
A dog or a fox?
Was there an invader
Inside the cat’s box?

Who is it, a giant?
A man or an elf?
My thoughts made me laugh
In spite of myself.

The cats went in hiding
Behind the big chair.
Their fur was still flying
On currents of air

“Now Rascal and Snuffy,
Be good little boys.
Come on out of hiding
And play with your toys.”

But the noise it continued
More thuds then a shout
Even Spook was in hiding
And would not come out.

I ran to the driveway
To see what was the matter
What was the source
Of the thuds and the clatter?

I watched as my neighbor
Unloaded some wood
In our once upon quiet
Tranquil neighborhood.

I calmed down the critters
To put them to bed
Telling them they were safe
“Rascal, get off my head.”

“He won’t scare away Santa
You’ll all be all right
It takes more than that
To give Santa a fright!”

“He’ll be here I promise,
Curl up and sleep tight.
Merry Christmas to all
And to you a good night!”


Tucson is where it's at! said...

Merry Christmas!! great pictures. hope all is well. we are going to top out at about 67 today. it is supposed to be 69 tomorrow. talked to my mom today and they haven't had their first flakes yet. so it goes. take care. love, susan

Rachel said...

Love the poem and the pictures!! Thanks for the smiles!!!