Thursday, December 14, 2006


the Fog

Once again we have had a beautiful foggy morning. But this one seemed so cold! The cold and dampness seemed to seep right into my bones. Of course, I did NOT have to be out in it – but I just love the way the world looks in the fog, so I did have to be out in it.

And so I will share it with you!

The camellias have recovered some from the 20ยบ temps the other day. Well, some of them.

It was berry foggy out by the road.

Even Buddha seems to enjoy a bit of fog.

The Possum tree looks so different. It is an old mulberry surrounded by persimmon trees. The possums just love these trees.

See the gum balls?

Aunt Alice has started to bloom. She is a spring camellia. The last nor'easter pretty well blew all the blooms off the fall camellias.

The birds like the pyracantha. Mine is a bright red, many are orange

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