Wednesday, December 06, 2006



This morning was the coldest day so far this season – whatever you wish to call December 6th. Technically, it will not be winter until the 22nd, but it sure feels like winter out there today.

The first thing I noticed as I looked out the window, as the morning grew light enough to see, was the white on the barn roof tops. Then I noticed the covers on the Adirondack chairs that are still out in the yard, not in the barn where they should be… But we were sitting in them in the sun with 80º temps just last week! Sigh.

So I grabbed the camera determined to get some good frost shots. Well, all I can say is better luck next time. It was very windy, so most of the shots were just deleted. I kept 2 of the azalea outside the kitchen.

I just went back out and the flowers are not even recognizable now.

Some of the camellias have a bit of bruising… not bad, but a touch of brown on the edges.

The camellia next to the carport made out better. Maybe it is just harder to see because it is red. I thought it looked cool with the sun coming thru it.

I wondered how the fungus looked with frost – well, guess what? No frost! But the lighting was better, so I shot it again.

Maybe I will get better pics tomorrow – there are still some nice red and black leaves. And maybe I will even get a shot at the Pileated woodpecker that fussed with me for disturbing him so early this morning.

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