Friday, July 27, 2007


I love kids. Yeah, even after teaching 38 years, I still love kids. Ya know what amazes me the most? Their boundless energy, the ability to go and go and keep on going. Do you remember the fun of just running around and around in a field or thru the woods, up and down the hills... Now, I know you are not so old you can't remember that!

On our trip up North, my cousin and her family were in at the same time staying in the house next to us and I got to spend some time with her and the kids. I will not post their pictures here, well, not anything that can be recognized since I have not heard from her since we left the mountains... and I won't put anyone's picture on here without permission... but this one shot - well, I love it because it reminds me of the energy I used to have and sure could use now! Remember the days when you just could not seem to hold still? When you ran and jumped and sang just for the joy of doing it? Or is it just the joy of being alive, being safe, being loved?
I love this picture even tho you cannot recognize who it is, I feel it captures that joyous abandonment of the moment that only comes in those first few years when we are allowed to dance and sing even if we are off key and do not know the words and don't care, when we are still in that "Oh, how cute!" stage of life before the "Behave yourself" time or "What will the neighbor's think" keep us from enjoying the wonder of life.

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ancient one said...

I remember when my children were little... younger than 5... and we had just bought them a new swing set with a slide. An older neighbor from next door came over and we watched them play and I said to her.. "I would get up there and slide, but someone would probably see me and say something."... she scolded me and said "Don't ever let what you think the neighbors will say stop you from doing something you want to do"... still I didn't slide... but I have heard her voice in the back of my mind lots of times when I think something I might do would look foolish to others...

I sure would like to have that child's energy. I remember running and playing with my brothers, sisters, and couins on ditch banks,in fields, and in the woods. Those are our favorite memories!!!