Saturday, July 21, 2007


Much to my amazement, I actually have corn growing outside my bedroom window! It is delicious!
And watermelon! These are the little personal sized Sugar Babies, and they are growing up the fence!
This is my first ever pumpkin, not to be confused with the 4-legged Punkin. ALso harvested today, another quart of string beans and enough strawberries to put on my cereal.

Not much is new in the flower department except the hybiscus. I should have taken a ruler out there when I took this shot, but I didn't, so you will have to trust me, each bloom is 12 inches across.
I am still loading PA pics... maybe Monday... if I get the yard work caught up.
Thanks everybody for all the nice emails and comments... it was a challenge trying to use the laptop up in the mountains... it didn't seem to like to let me into your blogs to comment. It didn't even like to let me onto my own blog! But it did let us do our classwork.

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~ Janice ~ said...

You sure do have a green thumb! Everything looks so beautiful and healthy! :o) Goodness, those flower blooms measure out to be!