Saturday, December 06, 2008


I post this not as a form of bragging but as a confession of my extreme ignorance. Not that that is news to most of you - but I have never figured out how to add a blog list of my favorite blogs, I have tried (and obviously failed) to put a weather link on my blog - and someone gave me an award earlier this year which I mentioned but could not figure out how to add in the sidebar. She berated me in a private email after giving me directions twice and I still could not figure it out - or my acct will not handle it. Whatever... I have not heard from her since - :-(

Anyway - a blogger friend gave me this award - and I have NO IDEA how to put it in the sidebar nor how to properly pass it on. But I do thank you, Ancient One!
If they have an ignorance award, I know I have earned that one! ANyway... I will work at this later today, when I get some work done... I promise!


ancient one said...

No need to go to extra trouble... this post is enough... suits me... and I don't get mad if people don't come get awards...LOL

Marla said...

Dont' feel bad you are not alone. I got an award too and I haven't figured out how to do all the things with the links, etc. I feel bad about it. I just am like you, I can't get anything to work for me! Congrat's on your award.