Sunday, December 07, 2008


December decorations... well, sort of...
My neighbors noticed I was putting something up in the front yard. They were very curious about a Buddhist putting up Christmas decorations! After all, I have candles in the windows and greenery on the railing, now what is going up out by the road???? Oh… well… that’s OK, I guess… at least it does not insult anyone like the Bush White House Chanukah card that had a Christmas tree on it! (SO embarrassing, that!)
Then we decided to decorate Rascal and Hadji! Can you see how happy Rascal was to be forced into the holiday mode? I am not one who likes to dress up animals - but I figured this would not last too long! Look at this expression of JOY! NOT!!!! I could use this for a Bah Humbug card?? LOL! Hadj, on the other hand, took to the scarf like he had always worn one, and will come over to you if you hold it down to put it on him. He tries to push his head thru it. Once on, he happily wears it all day. This morning, he actually brought it over and laid it at my feet and stood there waiting for help after pushing it across the living room floor with his head for several minutes! By the way, it says “Wreck the Halls” – more a Rascal concept… Hadji tried the antlers on, too, but was not thrilled. He came over to me to ask to take them off. Scarf, yes, stupid, no.
We were told we might get some snow flurries over night – didn’t happen. In fact, the sun was shining brightly at 8 AM as I sent my Sunday Musings out. It is very windy now, however, and the clouds have moved in from the south from whence cometh any snow we ever get. Now the sun is out again... Hmmmmmm, maybe… just maybe… however, the temps were in the mid 30s instead of the mid 20s. So much for someone else’s weather watchering,” eh? Ok, that would have been predicting – but that is based on watching, no? Anyway, I noticed while feeding the Punkin and Spook that the red camellia next to the carport has started to bloom. It is like having built in Christmas decorations in December – all red and green, and so beautiful when it gets snowed on! This was Punk and Spook having a moment while I was putting up my yard decoration. Is that sweet or what????? Is there mistletoe out here that I didn't notice?????


Marla said...

You should really use that bah humbug photo of Rascal for a Christmas card. It's a great photo. My dog goes crazy if you try to dress him up.

Rachel said...

Poor Rascal does not look happy!! Apparently they don't like things on their heads that much. My cats wouldn't stand still for dressing up!

I love your camellia that's blooming and it so cold! That is wonderful and festive too!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your tabby cat looks about as disgusted as my Heidi for the indignity you have wrought on him.

I will send you the pictures I am embarssed to put on by blog.

ralph said...

You have more decoration than we do.

Ginnie said...

All your pictures are great but the one of Rascal with the antlers is classic.