Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I posted this the other day on my sangha group in response to a question about verbal communication - someone implying that words were the only way to communicate. This was my answer. I have gotten some interesting answers since then. What do you think???

I have a neighbor who, like me, drums. He is mute but not deaf. Often we communicate with the drums, facial expressions, sometimes color, texture, flowers, feathers, dead grass, thorns, we almost never use the written word. Almost every time he comes over here, he brings me some small object that expresses how he is feeling that day. If I asked you to try a couple of times a day to express how you felt by showing me an inanimate object in your hand, could you do it? Are you a flower? A leaf blown by the wind? A seed? A twig that will snap if bent or a pliable vine? Hmmm, sounds like a fun exercise – no right or wrong answers – the only challenge is in your own mind.

One friend now emails me almost everyday sometimes with just one or two words. One of the best - well, no wait, there is no best or even better - so let me say, umm, one that I totally identified with after a day of Christmas shopping was - "a hairball!" Yep. I felt chewed up and spit out by the shopping mall. I hate shopping these days. Can't decide what hurts worse - my knees or my wallet!

Anyway - give it a shot! What are you today?????

I will post my answer this afternoon when I get back...

Today I am a frost bitten camellia bud, waiting... Tomorrow, it will warm up and I will open and bloom in the sunshine! Well, maybe not perfectly, the frost bite and all, but hopefully I would bring a smile to your eyes.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

A day has past and no answer?

I sure know about the pain in the knees. I went shopping and after about four stores I could hardly walk for the pain. I came home with not all my shopping done.

I waited to watch a show on television that preported to make suggestion on last minute in expensive gifts. The expert was from a shopping mall. I should have been suspicious. It turned out the ground rules were gifts under $50. Fifty dollars! I was expecting suggestions for free, $5 or $10 at the most. Since when was $50 the line between inexpensive and normal cost for a gift. Whatever happened to a homemade cards saying "This card is good for a free trip to the store on your behalf" Renewable 5 times. or "I will care for your plants anytime you need me in the coming year." I think I have been out of the mainstream too long. Of course, now I can't afford to rejoin it. I am sympathetic to the wear and tear on your wallet too.

Wildflower Cabin said...

Did your flower bloom? Bet it was beautiful even with a nip of frostbite!

Blessings for a happy new year!

Marla said...

Of course I believe there are many ways to communicate. I work with folks with developmental disabilities. Many of them don't speak, but they certainly can communicate. As you said, with facial expressions, gestures, Pictures books- pointing to something, grunting sounds, etc. It amazes me how well they can communicate!