Sunday, September 13, 2009


I did a post about a week or so ago about the places the outside boys like to sleep in the summer time. I kept hoping to get Punkin in one of his favorite places, but just about everytime I go outside, Punkie gets up and comes over to me for some lovin'! As you can see here, the boys were sleeping all curled up together until they noticed I was out in the yard. I am glad this new camera is faster than my old Nikon, as Punk was up and rubbing against my leg in a second after I took this shot.
Often they sleep right next to the carport, especially if it is threatening rain. Here they are curled up next to the house plants that are outside for the summer. Soon it will be time for the plants to come in... the guys were asleep on the greenhouse last night, curled up together in the same little box.
As I went out with the camera, Spook hopped up and ran (he is, after all, Spook!) Punkin, however was apparently sound asleep, and not happy about waking up. But he rose to the occasion and demanded a belly rub... and food.
But sometimes, bless his heart, he is just dead to the world. How he can be comfortable like this, I have no idea. That is left over gravel from my driveway. He often sleeps here all night!

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Rachel said...

Cats like unusual places to lay it seems. Your cats are so pretty!!