Thursday, September 03, 2009


I believe there are gifts out there just waiting for us to find them everyday. There are those who see only gloom and doom, and let's face it, there is a lot of that to go around. But I have always been one to seek the wildflower among the weeds (and do I ever have a weed collection!) or a spot of beauty somewhere in the midst of the "average." It is always there if you just look for it. Or maybe you have to change your thinking in order to see the beauty in some things. Obviously, I can thrill at the sight of a baby possum. Some people are so convinced they are ugly, nasty things, they can not allow themselves to see any cuteness in those little faces. It is true, there are a few things I do not think of as beautiful, but I am willing to be convinced.
A few moments ago, I was doing up the lunch dishes. I can't imagine having a sink without a window - so, I was looking and washing. Did I mention the fall azaleas have started to bloom? And this is what I saw. So I quickly dried my hands and grabbed a camera. The swallowtail was very camera shy, one shot was all I got, but it is enough. Why be greedy? And I just had to share it with you! My gift to you!
Wouldn't it be cool if everyone went out and took a picture, just one, of something beautiful today, and sent it on to their friends, and then their friends took a picture of something beautiful and sent it to their friends... well, you get the idea. We could flood the internet with pictures of the beauty all around us - our own personalized piece of beauty, not someone else's pictures, but something of our own... What an idea! I will be waiting to see what YOU have to offer!


DA said...

Thanks for the gift of the swallowtail on the azaela. It ewas lovely and I like your idea as well.

ancient one said...

I loved your gift... and I went outside to see if I could find one... I saw a black butterfly on a flower, but the wind is really blowing around here today.. and I didn't get that shot.. I tried the leaves changing color on the dogwood but all the pics were fuzzy from the wind blowing the tree...maybe tomorrow.. LOL

Ginnie said...

Thanks. Your challenge to see beauty in everyday things is great and I try to do that. A few days ago I took a picture of something in nature that pleased me and will have it on my next blog.