Wednesday, September 02, 2009


DIDJA ever notice the strange places cats find to sleep? Can this possibly be comfortable? Naturally, we expect them to find shady places when it is warm and sunny places when it is cool, but some of the places defy any reason - to a human. I guess under the chair is cooler than in the chair... I wonder if the truck is fun to sleep with? Guess it is a boy thing. Some times it is just so sweet to see Punkin and Spook curled up together. Most the time Spook is hidden, well out of sight - or so it seems, until he gets scared and suddenly runs out from under or behind something. Punk, on the other hand, is usually easier to find. Maybe it is his orange color that seems out of place.
I wonder if one gets any special benefit to sleeping in the shade of a Tibetan Prayer flag???? Seems like there is more cat than there is shade, here, Punk.
A good pile of hay is always comfy... unless there are fleas in it! Can't snooze for biting!

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ancient one said...

Cute post! My husband's dog sleeps in unusual places too. He's dug himself a deep hole underneath a useless lawnmower that he gets in on very hot days. He sleeps most of the day away.