Monday, November 23, 2009


TODAY IS DRIZZLY and cool... a good day to stay inside and keep warm. Yesterday was spent in WalMart buying clothes for the grandsons who have both hit growth spurts at the same time. But Saturday was a busy, busy day. Part of it was spent at the Train station putting up the big wreath and cheering Pat on as he did "stuff" and taking pictures. Hopefully all that will be on the SPOTS blog when I finish this. Before going to play at the station, I went out in the yard to hang some laundry. Yes, I am one of those old fashioned women who loves the fresh smell of laundry that has dried on the line. It is good for the light bill, too, as the drier uses more electricity than any other appliance in the house. Anyway, as I hung up the first pair of jeans, I thought I saw something purple over by the birdbath. And not just one, but a bunch of clemetis! So, I started looking around. It is not unusual for the Sweet William to bloom off and on all winter. Like pansies, they are happy here in the winter. But the clemetis had appeared to have died back in that heavy frost a couple weeks ago. Spook found a warm place in the sun up next to the hackberry tree and out of the wind.
All the way in the back of the yard, I noticed some raspberries! They were delicious! Imagine, fresh raspberries in November!
Debutante has started blooming. These blooms were way at the top, then I found one tucked back in the middle of the bush. Is that beautious or what?
I walked out front where the maple tree is finally in her autumn colors. Can you see Yule Tide in bloom underneath the tree? The bumble bees were busy in the azaleas. As I walked back toward the house, I noticed a little bunch of impatiens that also survived the frost. Then I looked up and noticed the red camellia next to the carport has started to bloom. That doesn't usually get going until closer to Christmas.
A trip out into the yard, even if it is just to hang clothes to dry would not be complete without the Punkinmeister rolling over and begging for a tummy scratch. I hope it is beautiful where you are, too.


DA said...

Beautiful colors!

ancient one said...

You have beautiful blooms.. I still have impatiens and some roses blooming. It was cloudy here today, but I spent all afternoon at the doctor's office. Mama was told to see her family doctor today as she had spent last night in ER. They think she had another mini-stroke. They know she had a UTI. So we had to be worked in to see the doctor today so she could be checked out. It was dark by the time be got out. We went to the local resturant to get her a take out supper. She ate and told me she was turning in early tonight... gonna' try to catch up on all the sleep she didn't get last night. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms...

Ginnie said...

It is beautiful where I live but I can't compete on the array of lovely blooms that you found in your yard. Lovely.