Saturday, November 28, 2009


IT WAS A BERRY FOGGY DAY. I just had to take my camera out and walk around. The pileated woodpecker was out there banging away - sounds are so different in the fog, have you noticed? But, I was never able to get close enough to get a shot of him. I love the softness of the colors... the contrast in the things close with the grays of the background. The maple out front is almost bare... this week-end's nor'easter pretty well took care of that. But I love the color combinations with the maple and Yule Tide. I was surprised to find this beauty open at the edge of the woods.
I hope you had a good, safe day.


Ginnie said...

The Berry picture is amazing! I love the gray background and the droplets falling off the berries.

DA said...

Really liked the photos and soft backgrounds. My favorite was the third photo.