Thursday, December 09, 2010


YES, I GENERALLY WELCOME all God’s little creatures, just some more than others. OK, I admit it, I am picky when it comes to my friends, and I like some critters that other people hate. It seems that I have a small flock of robins living here. That is not unusual for the Eastern Shore, tho’ I wish for their sakes they would go further South where there is more to eat. I hate it when the ground is frozen or covered with snow and they are hungry. I think of my friend who raises worms in a big vat which she sells for people’s composters. But that would not work. Poor worms would freeze before the robins could get to them. DSC_0786

It has been dry here. Except for that 1/4 inch of snow Sunday morning, it has been a while since we have had any significant rain. As you might recall, I keep several containers of water, 4 bird baths and big dog bowls, most of which are empty each day. But when it is this cold, the water freezes overnight before anyone can drink it all. Then in the morning, the poor birds sit and peck at the ice. So, this morning, I took a bucket of water out and slowly poured it into the big ground level birdbath. I was not 5 feet away until the robins were all over the edge of it drinking as fast as they could. DSC_0785

Didja ever notice, they space themselves as evenly as possible when they are drinking? The other robins were waiting a proper distance and seemed to know who was next in line when one left. Manners, I’ve always said robins have manners.

Then, in the not so welcome department… I know, they have to eat, too… I have had this visitor 2 days in a row. DSC_0783 So far I have not seen him catch anybody. At the peak for the feeding frenzy out front, I might have 30-40 various birds at one time. When they do the Christmas Bird Count (since I don’t do it anymore) a couple people come and sit in my driveway and count my birds. Well, there are 7 feeders and 1 hanging water dish right outside my window, and in another week, there will be more.  Meanwhile, they hide in the camellias or deep in the holly while this guy keeps watch. And my little hawk sits and waits.DSC_0787 DSC_0790 And then he leaves and tries hunting else where.

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