Friday, December 17, 2010


DO YOU KNOW any of those people who always have a “Yeah, but…” to say after you say something? I have a neighbor, a sad soul she must be, for whom nothing is ever right, nothing is good, or if it is kinda good, it should be better. I feel safe in writing this because she does not believe in computers (OK, I don’t believe in having a microwave or dishwasher) – not that that makes her a bad person, just I doubt she will ever read this. Maybe famous last words, I know – but, what the heck.

She stops by here periodically. I am never sure why, except I listen to her until she runs out of gas or starts sneezing, which ever comes first.  She is allergic to cats. I will make no further comment on that. I have been known to lock them up in the bathroom when she is here because Hadji will love her to pieces and Rascal will wash her toes if she is in sandals or untie her shoes if the weather is cooler. She thinks the inside cats should be allowed to go out and I should bring the outside cats in. For someone who is allergic to cats, she seems to worry about them a lot. It seems no matter what I say, she counters with “Yeah, but…”  - even when I switch sides and agree with her!

As you know, the weather here has been brutal the last few days. It has been a chore trying to keep fresh water out for the birds. I am thinking about getting another heated water dish if the thing I ordered for the birdbath doesn’t work. Anyway, she yells at me for not bringing Punk and Spook inside when it is cold. I don’t bother to tell her again how miserable that would make 4 little cats, I just try to show her how nice and warm their boxes are. They sleep in the real warm one, the one with the padded sides and top. Their food is in the heated box on the greenhouse. DSC_0806 It is not as warm, but they can eat and be out of the wind, rain, or snow, their food stays dry, clean, and does not freeze. Sounds like a good deal to me.

YEAH, BUT, SHE has NEVER seen them IN their little nest, she says. WHY? They run like H--- when they see her coming. Yep, even Punkin who is usually out there begging for a head scratch. Even he hides under a bush. They now know the sound of her car and bolt the second they hear it pull in the driveway. DSC_0802

When they are not sleeping, sometimes they just sit and look out, much like folks looking out their window. Often one will be watching while the other one sleeps. In this case, Punkin is asleep while Spook keeps an eye on things. Or maybe he is just hoping there will be food coming out the back door soon. I don’t know. I do apologize for the lousy quality of the photo. The storm door was steaming up faster than I could push the shutter button. DSC_0957

Punkin is the braver one… he loves to sit and keep an eye on the back door from whence cometh the food. But this morning, he decided to sit in the box on the greenhouse where the food is kept. That way his hiney was warm, his toes toasty, and he could keep an eye on everything. And his ear was only a few feet from the kitchen door!

We are got snow.DSC_0805 That doesn’t sound like anything exciting to most of you, but for us it is a BIG event. I shoveled a path for the boys to travel to their favorite potty spots. We got about 3 1/2 inches. The feeders are overloaded with customers. DSC_0803The camera scared the birds away for the moment, except for the bunch on the ground.

One of my favorite things is to see the camellias covered with snow. I love the color contrast. DSC_0981

I just had a mean thought… at least I know someone who won’t be coming by to fuss about things today! The roads are a sheet of ice!

Well, guess I’d better go clean some snow off the driveway while the sun is shining. You all stay safe if you have to be out in this stuff!


Loretta said...

I think we all know someone like that. They aren't happy unless there is something to complain or disagree about.
We haven't had any snow yet but it's been very cold. A stray dog has adopted me. I don't think he's over a year old. He could sleep in a nice doghouse out back but no...he wants to stay on the front porch, where it's cold and windy. I thought of your boxes and put a big dog crate out there, taped up the holes in the sides and put a blanket in it for him. He seems to be happy to sit in there and watch my front door. It isn't very pretty but serves the purpose.
Nice pictures! Your cats are lucky to have you.

Sissy said...

Your post was so enjoyable to read. I know some of the Yeahbutts. Then there are the Eyerollers Eyerollers who disbelieve. Its a big varied world for sure.

Cats for tougher than realized and what's all the fur for if not to protect them?

8-9 inches of pure powder at my house; mostly gone or compacted now. Icy and waiting for more...HA!

The picture of the camellia bloom is a classic. Soul soothing.

ancient one said...

yeah but you got snow and I didn't... thank goodness!! They are saying we might get a little Sat. night (probably not)... your snow is pretty...BUT it sure does look cold.