Tuesday, February 21, 2012


AH, YES, THIS IS MY kind of snow. Here for breakfast, gone by lunch. Fun to see, exciting coming down, little kids go to bed dreaming of making snow men, snow puppies, snow anything... but, well, it was more like thick slush. Way too wet to pack into anything. The water content was .67 inches, so we did get a good amount of wet-stuff, but with the temps never getting below 35 degrees, most of it melted as soon as it hit. These are white camellias on the bush to the right. If we had had today's temps with that snow, we would have had 2-3 inches of white stuff waiting for us. It is 29 right now. (Supposed to make it up to 70 by Thurs!) It did bring a load of birds to the feeders and brought this little fellow back to the redbud. See the snow on the branch???? Look carefully or you will miss it! BTW, this posting is just for certain people who asked to see our great snow!

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