Monday, February 13, 2012


WELL, THAT IS WHAT a number of my neighbors call them... Just because they LIVE here, sleep here, have their babies here in my woods, and terrorize people driving past here too fast... really doesn't make them mine. Does it? I was reminded of the wash tub of water I keep out during droughts and the deicer I keep in the ground level birdbath so they can drink when everything else is frozen. Just because I buy bags of apples for them... doesn't mean I OWN them. Anyway, today I saw them visiting across the street. There were 13 in all. I grabbed my camera and tried to stay behind my bushes, (can you see them?) but they got freaked anyway and headed across the street into my woods. How many did you count? Ya gotta look really carefully.


Sissy said...

How much 'wealthier' can you be? Having your own herd of deer is about the best wealth in the world - just my own opinion, for what its worth. You lucky person. And here I thought you lived in the Urbs! I envy you; I just hear about deer being seen daily at my nephew's place.

ancient one said...

First my friend Renie puts up a pic of her deer herd then here comes yours. She throws out corn and you buy apples. They sure are pretty.

Ginnie said...

I get a few out back of my little house too but I often wonder how they survive here? I get heavy and very fast traffic out front, mainly from Fort Bragg, and it's a wonder there are so few accidents.
Thanks for your comment on my 99% "overhead" blog ... it's bothered me for years and it's comforting to find I'm not alone.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Oh, Deer! You change my view of the gun happy US. . . "Where are your hunters?"

I am alway amused when the American hunters show up here, in their camouflage outfits (no self respecting hunter here would dress in such a militaristic way.

"What are you doing here," I would ask. "W'er huntin' of the b'ar!", they would reply in their mid Atlantic drawl.

We are just getting many deer here. The mild winters we have been having has helped. Up to 15 years ago I never say a deer here.
South of here, south of Lake Nipissing there is a winter deer yard where 15 to 20 thousand overwinter. It is nice to see them here now. I have been told that generations ago they could sit on my front porch and shoot deer. It seems they are finally returning.
Elk have been reintroduced near her I hope some day to see some of them. The wild turkeys have finally returned after a very successful reintroduction program in southern Ontario. Now all we need of for courgars to return in numbers.