Saturday, April 07, 2007


First I heard the rain in the gutters around 5:30. I looked outside and it seemed like there might be a bit of snow mixed in. I debated getting up and getting to work... I have an unfinished paper... and what if it freezes and the power goes out?... but, I rolled over for another quick little nap. Rascal, however had other plans, there were toes that needed pouncing, knees that needed to be attacked... those of you who live with young cats know the routine. And those of you who are my age or there-abouts know the rest of the story. I had to get up anyway. I pulled open the bathroom curtains and was so shocked I almost forgot what I was in there for! It was still dark, well, sort of, the sun sure was not up yet, but I found a white world. I hurried and pulled on some warm clothes, grabbed the camera and went out into a snow covered world. I don't think anyone will be sitting in these chairs today!

And to think the picture below was less than 24 hours ago!
St Francis and some pansies yesterday. The same place this morning at 7 AM.
Red Emperor in the snow.
More snow............... It is now 8 AM and we now have 2 inches and it shows no sign of slowing down!

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Wildflower Cabin said...

Oh my!! What a change in weather you've had! From spring to winter instantly! It's pouring down rain here, after days of 'lovely'. Bet that litterally has put a damper on many many Easter egg hunts this morning.