Sunday, April 15, 2007


The Mid-April Garden

The pansies and violets seem to be happy.
Happy Income Tax Day, groan. What me worry? Taxes? What taxes?
Punkin's favorite place out in the yard seems to be FuzzButt's grave. Strange, isn't it?
The yard is starting to get pretty... it should look fantastic in another week or two. The azaleas are just getting started. The trees are various colors - like a mini autumn of sorts. The redbud is starting, see how it comes out from the branches? the daffodils from a couple of weeks ago are gone but the later ones are so beautiful. I was afraid these would get damaged in the snow...

The camellias are falling tho there are still quite a few on the bush. These are Red Emperor after a strong windy night.
The onions are up about 2 inches and so are the peas, but I have kept the peas in the greenhouse... I had to put the geraniums back in there also.
Tight this minute, the yard is again a big puddle... we have just had an inch and a half of rain in the last 2 hours and it is not over. The wind is getting serious, too. They said we could get as much as 60 mph winds and 3 inches of rain. sigh. Or make that Quack.

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