Monday, April 09, 2007


Yeah, I guess so. A blog that I have checked on a weekly basis has been deleted - the blogger decided it was too much to keep up with, so she deleted it. It was a nice decent blog, nice pictures, a good thing. BUT, When I went to it, I found links to porn and ads for Via g ra among other drugs... yeah, like the drugs would be real?????????? Anyway, this is to let you know if you delete your blogger account, some idiot will pick it up and turn it into whatever he wants... Guess this is something else google needs to work out. Most of us got spammed in our comments dept and had to add the verification section... ANyway, I know a lot of you check this blog and have blogs of your own so I thought you would like to know. Guess when I decide to dump this blog, I will dump everything but one last posting and just let it sit there.


possumsMom said...

Am I glad I read your blog... I was seriously considering trying to shut mine down since half the time I don't seem to be able to get on to it... but now I guess I will just let it sit until the grandkids hassle me about not posting anything.
I do love to check up on your yard and what is going on back where I used to live. Kinda makes me a bit homesick, but I do love my mountains. The Shore was OK, but a bit boring after a while - so flat. Flat gets boring. And the colors in the fall are so brilliant here. But it was nice to be able to garden without rocks! So now I have rock garden!
Don't you quit blogging, even if it is only once a week or so. It is like having an old friend and then they suddenly are gone when blogs disappear. Thanks for keeping me in touch with my old home!

~Janice Lynn~ said...

Ummm, that would be mine (waving hand). I still feel soooo awful that my deleted blog was taken over by those ads! Sure is upsetting. Hopefully by now everyone that had read it, has removed my link. Thanks....