Sunday, April 22, 2007


Subtitle - Nothing to see!
The garden is mostly in - 12 tomato plants (4 Big Boys, 4 Rutgers, 4 Red Cherry) all about 4 inches high - 1 row of sweet onions, up about 3 inches, 2 rows of peas, one row is up about 3-4 inches - one row of white corn, 2 rows of string beans and space left for a later row of corn.
This is my first completed veggie garden. I know, it does not sound like much, but I am tickled pink! Or reddish brownish er tan, er whatever color I am. My arms are certainly a different color than the rest of me... Vitamin D, natural! Anyway, a photo would look stupid - it would look like a few weeds and a bunch of stakes and mud. I will wait until some more comes up!
The blueberry plants are alive, leafing, and 2 of them actually have little flowers! I am so impressed! Remember seeing them buried in the snow.
There are flowers on the strawberries, and the raspberry plants are looking good. Now all I have left to do it plow up enuf space for 8 asparagus plants. I gotta watch that Mantis video again, get some gas in it and believe that I can DO IT!
I am so glad I have never accepted the words -"You can't do that!" I don't accept my body telling me I can't, either. Consequently, I have a garden. So there! OK, God, it is your turn!

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Rachel said...

I have a Mantis tiller and it is easy and wonderful, just like it says!! You can do it and I think you'll be pleased!! Everyone that has one, that I know, loves them!