Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A few flowers

I finally found some time, no, that’s wrong, I took the time to work out in the yard today. I did not work on the computer for my reading student. Won’t she be surprised tomorrow when she finds no new word list or practice sentences? Normally I sit right down at the computer and spend 4 or 5 hours preparing her next day’s work, but I attacked the weeds today instead. I transplanted 3 mini roses and dug up some Nandina. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. I hope so, we really need it.
The azaleas are fading, several of them are done. There are only a few camellia blooms to be found. The peonies opened today. I have a few iris open and buds on the rose bushes. So, I will attempt to show you the flowers in bloom. I will try to avoid duplicating the shots from the other blog, but, forgive me if I do. It’s my old age, ya know. I probably will try to put some more on the other blog if I have time,, but this is much faster.
The top picture is of PITA's grave. I always try to keep flowers on her grave. The next one I have tried to put on here is of one of the
camellias. The brown is frost bite. I wanted to
put some more shots on here, but it keeps dropping the flower down as I type and I don't seem to be able to work around it. Maybe some day I will be smart enuf to figure this out. Ya think?
Maybe I should look at some of the other blogs here to see what other people have been able to do. I really want to include Pink Perfection, one of my favorite camellias.

Well, I guess I am too tired to do any more. It is uploading rather slowly tonight, and I am totally out of patience. It has been a long day. Things that seemed like a good idea at the time have proven to be a pain in the butt. That's usually what happens when I get overly tired. And I still have to sit up and watch LOST!
I still think they all have died and the island is Purgatory.

OK, I am gone for now. Enjoy the posies, more later.


happygardener said...

This is working out nicely, you're doing a great job. I still have not figured how to send a picture.

Sissy said...

Your camellias are exquisite. I've never owned one but wanted....

Isn't the 'burning bush' pictured elsewhere on you blog a Nandina? Mine have no berries but daughter's bushes are loaded.