Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Iris - III

Today I hope to move some of the iris that have not bloomed in the last year or two. The redbud has gotten so big, the poor things get almost no sunlight at all once the tree leafs out. I have really enjoyed having the time to actually look at my flowers this year - not just whiz by them on the way in or out of the driveway. I have also enjoyed my new camera - obviously - and playing with it, recording the flowers and sharing them with you.

It has also been great to have the time to actually weed and mulch and rest a bit so I can weed and mulch a bit more.

I have been moving some of the plants to better places - something I have not had time for ever before! It is exciting! Many of the things were planted in good places years ago, but other things grew - and grew bigger than expected, and things ended up in the shade. People have said the appeal of my yard is it looks naturalized. That is a polite way of saying disorganized, right? But often, I got plants and had no time to actually work in the garden so I stuck them in the closest or easiest place, just to keep them alive, always thinking next week-end I will move it to a better place. Well, that week-end just never got here - until now.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of the beauty in my yard. I know I have enjoyed sharing with you. And thanks for your emails and encouragement.


Cazzie!!! said...

Just excuisite indeed..lovely pics!!

Takin'pictures said...

These pictures are really great. What camera do you have if it is digital? If it's not digital, I already know what your camera is but how do you get the pictures on this site?

I love the closeups.

possum said...

I broke down and bought a digital - a Nikon 4600. However when I used the old Nikon SLR or my favorite Minolta SLR, I just had "them" make a disk along with the prints, then I could play with the disk pictures.
Even the Mickey Mouse throw away cameras will give you workable disks if you check the right box. I used them a lot when I didn't want to lug a lot of equipment around.
Thanks for the compliments!

hiphoppe said...

Cool pics. Your iris are out of this world. And I enjoy your kitties, even your possums! Keep 'em comin'!