Monday, May 08, 2006

Rufus, the Bwontasawus

Ok, so you didn't see the brontasaurus... don't even know about it. OK, sorry. When we went to the mountains to see the kids (and the newest arrival, Briar, now 8 months old) Caleb just HAD to go out back to an old putt putt golf place behind the motel to see the bwontasawus. He said he just wuvved it more than any other dinosaur, and, let me tell you, he has a COLLECTION! Well, the place hasn't been open for a couple of years, so I found the guy that owns it (and the motel, conveniently) and we haggled a bit, but he agreed to sell it to me since it was Caleb's 5th birthday. "I'm a sucker for kids," he said. Mostly he was a sucker for the paper in my pocket, if you know what I mean, sooooooo... Eddie came over and we somehow got the thing in the truck and they somehow got it off the truck at home - did I mention it is solid concrete?


happygardener said...

Let's see if my account goes through. If it does you have set me on the road to ruin.

possum said...

Dear Happy! Welcome to my little corner of insanity. Enjoy your ruination! Is that a word? p

happygardener said...

When I'm around you ruination is the only word.