Friday, May 12, 2006

Fringe tree and azaleas

We had a real good rain last night, a few boomers, but not too bad. .82 inches of much needed rain. Fortunately I've dumped about 10 bags of mulch in their needed places, so it was good to get that stuff soaked.
The fringe tree is in bloom. Never seen one? I hadn't either till Anna brought one home a couple of years ago. Strange little thing. Well, it is about 5 feet tall now, and that is little for a tree.
Have you looked at my pics on the weather site? I posted one of my favorite irises on it, another view of Buddha and an azalea, and a shot of a reflection in the birdbath of St Francis and some floating pansies. I thought the shots came out pretty good. I wish I didn't worry about people voting on them, though. Guess that is the teacher in me, still worrying about grades! Geees!

I am trying to decide on whether or not to post an azalea pic. It is a new plant, maybe 2 years old, and blooms spring and fall. I have gotten several "everblooming" azaleas, and I really love them. I enjoy the flowers in the fall as much as in the spring - maybe more because not much else is blooming then. They start before the fall camellias.
This azalea is about 3 feet tall. I love the colors, soft, subtle. I bought a couple other azaleas that were supposed to be pinkish - white with deep red centers, and they bloomed differently this year - there were some bright reddish-purple blooms on the same plant. Surprise! It was pretty, but a bit too purple for me.
What do you think? It is pretty...

Well, the weeds are out there in the yard thumbing their noses at me, so I guess I'd better get outside. The ticks have been terrible the past week. Lord, I hate those things. And I have to get to work on my Sunday Stuff... I have been neglecting that to do this. Shame on me. There are just not enuf hours in the day!!!!! Have a good week-end!


Takin'pictures said...

Love your pale pink and white azalea.

Takin'pictures said...

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