Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Gardener's Work is Never Done!

It is supposed to get warmer... today started out in the 40s, a bit nippy to be standing out waiting for the school bus in shorts and t-shirt, but there they stand. We could always pick out the kids who got dressed all by themselves, had no parental supervision in the morning. They were almost always dressed inappropriately. Oh well, I want to keep this cheerful, so no more school talk.
Yesterday, I moved a bunch of things about in the garden, dug up and gave away over a thousand daffodil bulbs. If you are thinking, damn, she didn't offer me any, c'mon by, bring your spade, I have another thousand you can have!
When you go out the door, the fragrance of the honeysuckle is so powerful! I just love it! Here, we go from the perfume of the honey locust tree to the honeysuckle. It is a wonderful time for those of us who are not allergic to it, a miserable time for those who are. I must have torn out and mowed over at least 10 big garbage bags of honeysuckle. It just goes everywhere. Worse than that, poison ivy will sneak in to the middle of a big clump, and before you know it, you have poison ivy everywhere.
I heard my first mosquito of the year yesterday. I have so enjoyed working outside without any mosquitoes, but the ticks have been terrible.

Did I mention my pride and joy, my Mountain Laurel is in bloom? See it? I get so excited that it has survived here. I guess that is silly of me since in less than a month I will be surrounded by it. I will drive thru long tunnels of it in Hickory Run State Park which is just 7 miles from our house in the Poconos. Some years I have just spent the day driving and driving thru the back roads in the park and on the mountain soaking in the beauty of the park, the beauty of the flowers. We are going up a week earlier than usual this year because I have to be back here for a special event on the 25th, so I hope the bushes are in bloom. But, it has been warmer than usual, so... just maybe.

The digitalis opened last week. I used to have hundreds of them, but that was years and years ago - back in the pre-redbud days. Now it dominates the front yard. So the few digitalis I have seem so extra special.
Guess I need to replant.

The work calls. Have some people coming by to get some plants... so I guess I'd better get a few housy things done.

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